Creating your lab
In this article, we’re going to be setting up a starter home lab to run services like a pro. By the end of the article: You’ll have a developer workstation with some fantastic tools installed and configured for use You’ll have two Linux based (real or virtual) devices setup for hosting web services A code repository and automation server that you are in full control of An example web service deployed to your infrastructure you will be able to experiment with and grow out
A new Start
Welcome to the first post on revamped site! I decided to start writing again because, since 2016 when I used to be a fanatical developer who chose to write about the Symfony framework, I’ve had a busy career journey that has taken me up to the level of Tech Lead. What’s to come? I’ve always been a fan of walking, believing the journey is more important than the destination. For the first part of our journey, I’m going to guide you through setting up IT project infrastructure for a make believe startup that wants to sell access to their services online and starts to find success.